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MATE tea forever!

MATE Tea (tee)

MATE Tea (tee)

Displayed is my current MATE Tea fever addiction collection.

so about a month ago, i discovered Mate Tea (tee) at a Mate Tea ceremony at Meta Mate in Berlin, Germany. A group of friends, passing around a couple Cuias and Bombas around filled with Mate and hot water. It is a great way to relax, chitchat, and hang out. Great experience. A social drink of South America since the 16th century .

I recently became hooked with this discovery! I dropped my Coffee addiction habit and went straight to Mate, from one day to the next.

Researching Mate online, i found that Coffee sucks vitamins and minerals from the body. No wonder my body felt dehydrated after 5-6 cups of espressos / coffee’s a day!

With Mate I do not feel this dehydration reaction. It turns out that Mate tea actually replenishes vitamins and minerals to the body instead of taking it away. My back immediately began to feel better! and the Energy is amazing!

Mate has similar effects to caffeine, as it is an alternative. Instead of caffeine, Mate has mateine.
I read online that Caffeine raises the adrenalin level, while Mateine stimulates the central nervous system.

What this means for me???

I felt many sleepless nights with Coffee.

With Mate, I am focused when i drink it throughout the whole day. I get work done. Life mentality  is structured. When I want to stay awake I stay away. And when I wanted to go to sleep, i sleep at ease. Similar to Caffeine, but I am in control.
Every body and individual is different, so this is just my opinion on how Mate Tea reacts to my body. I cannot hold responsible for other’s reactions. What I can say is that friends love this stuff!

Yesterday, I went to this place in Kreuzberg, Berlin called Yerba Mate Argentina. This is actually inside Bike (bicycle) shop, with a large selection of Mate! Don’t be fooled by the Bike shop! At first I did not find the Mate section, but when the Store owner pointed it to me, i went completely orgasmic! hahaha
they also sell a nice collection, and packages, of Cuia and Bombas.

I tried the Cuia and Bombas, and honestly it burns my throat, mainly because i drink it too quick after the hot water is poured in. Mainly because when i want to drink it, i don’t think about it and just drink it.

How I prepare it, which might insult all the genuine Mate drinkers out there!
I prepare it like regular loose tea really.

Half liter of Hot Water.
One full Tablespoon of Mate.
Let it cool down and filter/sift it through. Drink.

So, the picture above is my current collection of Mate Teas. Please if anyone has recommendation of certain brands, and or other comments to share, that would be fantastic! Enjoy!


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Electric Car Driving Record in Berlin – The Day After

It is amazing to hear that my buddy Mirko Hannemann, head of DBM Energy in Germany, just set the world record for completing a journey of 605km (375mi) from Munich to the capital Berlin on October 26, 2010, non-stop without re-charging his newly invented electric car battery in the Audi Car supported by Lekker Energy!

Mirko Hannemann

Mirko Hannemann

I had a chance to talk to see him tonight, the day after the much enlightened event. Over 700 hundreds emails, and calls from auto companies, he is just as the German’s would say, totally Kaputt! He is a total night owl, give him a cup of coffee around midnight, and back he is packed with energy… I guess thats why he comsumes his life in the ENERGY business…ha!

Mirko says that “there is still more to be done, test, and develop”.

I bet!… but im sure it was a hell lotta fun driving that car!…

I congratulate him setting that new world record in which is going to change the view of the world in the auto industry dramatically.

Mirko! I am super Proud of you buddy!…:)

Mirko Hannemann

Mirko Hannemann


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