VIRGIN Curator! by Winston Torr at Fellini Gallery Berlin

Thank you everyone who came out last night to support the Fellini Gallery opening exhibition of ANGELENOS featuring an exquisite band of Artists from Los Angeles, CA: Todd Williamson, Tamara Fleming, Lori Cozen-Geller, James Verbicky, and Rimi Yang. The exhibition will run Nov 8, 2012 – Jan 11, 2013.

I had the unique opportunity to Curate for the first time, which makes me a VIRGIN Curator. The show went very well, and we had many great responses for the Artists. So please if you are in town, check this awesome show!, and drop me a line!

Thanks to Fellini Gallery Director Yuri Lee, the talented Artists,

and the Fellini staff, for making this all happen!

Mittenwalder Straße 6, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Thoughts of being a VIRGIN Curator!

When I was approached my Fellini Gallery to Curate their new exhibition Angelenos: Artists from Los Angeles, I was thrilled!

The fact that I as an Artist have had previously exhibited with Fellini Gallery for the last couple shows, I thought it was a great idea to step back, and curate a show in which did not include me, for a change. Considering the show is called Angelenos with Artists from Los Angeles, and now a Curator, me, also from Los Angeles certainly pulled together the theme.

I have worked with numerous Curators, and somehow I also wanted to experience this route. Little did I realize it is quite extensive, mentally and physically. Let me explain why.

I have this blog to train my mind in writing, because I feel it is necessary to better myself, not just as an Artist, but also as a writer.

In this Curator project Angelenos, one of my tasks were to write an exhibition and curator statement. This took me forever as my mind faced blank looking at the text editor for hours.  My hours of blanking out lead me to search online “how to write a curator statement.” I should have done this a little sooner!  I have learned many things online, in which i will not get into now. After days of working, i finally wrote an exhibition and curator statement. It was such a great experience, because this writing exercise expanded my mind and lead me to improve my writing ability, as in context of awareness and of a higher thought process.

I am used to drawing and painting, not writing.

Here is what I wrote, as a first time Curator.

—————-text starts here:

Fellini Gallery presents ANGELENOS

Hopes and dreams are considered a method of finding one’s self.

What ever will be, is not always the cases, or is it? ANGELENOS attempts to place issues overlooking the norm, and discuss life’s temptations through visual arts. The artists entangle subject matters such as emotions, secrets, history, and social upbringing, playing a tune of feelings and awareness, and embellishing sovereign open-ended dreams.

A group exhibition featuring acclaimed and emerging artists: Tamara Fleming, Lori Geller, James Verbicky, Todd Williamson, and Rimi Yang.

The works of Rimi Yang playfully balance the contrast of chaotic affection and ineffably attempt to show a happiness, which cannot be explained in words. The glossy surfaces of James Verbicky’s mix of sculpture and painting, bridge the gap between human culture and timelessness. The stirring strong lines in Todd Williamson’s coursing color fields shows a landscape of confidential secrecy. The multi -dimensional pieces by Lori Cozen- Geller reflect on the still frame of emotion and a detachment into a concrete form. The evaluative scenes by Tamara Fleming divulge into multi-layered gentle controversy.Without interruption, these bodies of work look into the states of mind united as ANGELENOS.

Curated and text by: Winston Torr

—————-text ends here:

oh! here’s a link if you would like to view all the artworks:

My second task was to look at each individual piece and hang them. Being a VIRGIN Curator, althought I had my own view, the guidiance from the Director of Fellini Gallery Yuri Lee, and  helpful Staff certainly pulled together nicely. Our views did not always completely match, but at least I got to see my view in person, before a few changes were made.  Two days of literally non-sleeping and physical work was what I called, and really it was exhausting mainly because I did not expect such intensity. And thanks to my friend and talented photographer Emiliano Fernández de Rodrigo for helping to hang. Without him I would have collapsed. I am being mellow dramatic.  In the end, the show looked even stronger than what I have imagined which is a team work success.  My outlook for exhibition processes went a few steps higher in direction. Here are examples. Mind you there are other larger parts of the gallery that are not included in these images. You will just need to go and take a look at the rest of the show. 😉

At the day of the Opening, task three, I made a speech introducing the Artists, and exhibition in English and in German. It was a really great experience! I had the whole day to prepare. I was not nervous at all because I had given speeches in German prior. It is just that I need to practice on my memorization skills. It is not all just about memorization. It is also about knowing and being educated. Nevertheless, I also had cue cards to hold incase i had forgotten or got overwhelmed. I had been told that my German was better than my English. Perhaps it was the harsh vocalization??? ha!

Over all this opportunity was a great experience. I do not know if I would like to do this again anytime soon, but when the timing is right and the theme and venue seems interesting, I just might!

At the moment I am busy focusing on drawing, painting, and sculpting what ever comes to mind and where ever my mind leads me.

Create to be free, and be free to create.


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