Thanks a million!



Thanks to all you awesome folks who had come out to Zunft [halle] on September 3, 2011 to support my artwork, and enjoy the large selection of top Wine!

If you still haven’t yet, and would like to to check out the installation in full color experience, I invite you to do so, as the presentation will be held until September 30th, 2011.

Arminiusstr. 2-4
10551  Berlin

For those who love history!  Please Read on.

 Zunft [halle] 
information taken from

‘Zunft’ is the German word for guilds. In medieval times, guilds were groups of artisans who gathered to sell their works. These organizations also sought to regulate the price and quality of products such as weaving and ironwork. In the old days, consumers would visit guilds to order their goods, exchange views with the manufacturer and get a unique pair of shoes, a piece of crystal or a freshly baked bread. Die Zunft’s vision is inspired by the believe to free manufacturers and consumers from the noisy, sometimes mindless, over-promotion that makes the engine of the modern retail world roar. This will not be a Disneyworld, partners will be carefully selected because the places have to be able to develop a real community feeling. The “Die Zunft AG” wants to bring back the connection between manufacturers and direct end-users. Today, its a least impossible to get to know if the goods you buy were made by kids or hungry people working under terrible conditions. Consumers have lost the sense of value for quality and good craftsmanship. Today we are able to buy lots of cheap-quality things that we do not need – they soon end up in the garbage. As for Die Zunft’s list of partners, the relevant criteria for admission are not what they produce, but rather how they produce it. In general, companies in fine production and sustainable business will be welcome to present their goods at the guild. Businesses will include ateliers and boutiques with handcrafted goods like shoes, clothing, painted porcelain and glass-blown objects. At “Zunft”-workshops, consumers will be able learn about the production of goods, like woven textiles, dresses and embroidery. Consumers will be able to take instruction in the skills they see on display, including cooking lessons. Die Zunft will also have a TV studio for its own programming.


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