CHAKRA on a Rug by Christian Pessing

Christian Pessing - Fire (Design of the Carpet)

check out my cool artist friend Christian Pessing:  “first carpet design“.
You will need a facebook account to view these pictures…
and believe me, you will so be impressed!!!!!!!!

10 people worked on his Chakra on a Rug for a year in the Himalayas, as the link shows a pictorial documentation.

Christian is a German Artist who travels around the world as his inspiration. He enjoys working with color pencils on paper, Duria and Bristol cardboard. Christian works is based on his intuition.

Another beautiful design.

Christian Pessing - Larynge

One design can take him up to 6 months or more to create… thats also 8-14 hours days!

The size of his color pencil design can be over many meter’s in length and width!
He has over 35 drawings displayed on his website.

I find myself  starting at his designs for hours and hours, as each line and shape creates a different path which is never the same in time. It remind me when I was a little kid just looking at a puzzle, or more like going through an elliptical endless maze of dreams and goals… Endless!
And I catch myself going on his website to view his online works in ways of motivation throughout the day.
Thanks for the impact Christian.

Read more about his pencil drawing creations here! and view more of his work.

I recommend collecting his limited edition prints before they sell out soon!

Comments are encouraged as Christian and his work deserves it!

And another stunner design below!

Christian Pessing - Ricochet


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