Giant Mural Commission by Winston Torr: Part 1


Winston-Torr-Fellini-Gallery-Berlin 2011

So, I just a received this Giant Commission from Fellini Gallery to do a huge Mural measuring 4.5 x 3.5 meters, about 4 x 5 yards, for their Grand Opening in Berlin scheduled in early September 2011.

I am both excited and overwhelmed about this project because this Mural will be gigantic. Also the fact that the mural will be located on the exterior entrance where it would be one of the first murals people walking on the sidewalk  and driving will see. Now that is alot of pressure!

Amongst myself, there will be about 15 to 20 talented and creative artists living in Berlin from around the world working on other sections of the courtyard. A real team work environment. I am very inspired seeing these murals develop from tagged up walls to works of Art!

This picture is just a little teaser of me on the first day Priming the walls and gluing newspapers all around. Newspaper Art. I am going to paint figures on them.

I will be posting new updates and pictures as each week progresses until complete, so stay tuned.


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