Electric Car Driving Record in Berlin – The Day After

It is amazing to hear that my buddy Mirko Hannemann, head of DBM Energy in Germany, just set the world record for completing a journey of 605km (375mi) from Munich to the capital Berlin on October 26, 2010, non-stop without re-charging his newly invented electric car battery in the Audi Car supported by Lekker Energy!

Mirko Hannemann

Mirko Hannemann

I had a chance to talk to see him tonight, the day after the much enlightened event. Over 700 hundreds emails, and calls from auto companies, he is just as the German’s would say, totally Kaputt! He is a total night owl, give him a cup of coffee around midnight, and back he is packed with energy… I guess thats why he comsumes his life in the ENERGY business…ha!

Mirko says that “there is still more to be done, test, and develop”.

I bet!… but im sure it was a hell lotta fun driving that car!…

I congratulate him setting that new world record in which is going to change the view of the world in the auto industry dramatically.

Mirko! I am super Proud of you buddy!…:)

Mirko Hannemann

Mirko Hannemann



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