A Boxer named Winston


A new generation of Boxers awaits you and everyone that surrounds you.

My dear friend Taliny has her own debut his and her Boxer line called zic & cha cha.  She is so creative and wonderful at what she does, and her Boxers are the talk and walk of the town!…

Today I found out that there is actually life on earth because sweet sweet Taliny has named a Boxer after me…
I feel super cool now!… here’s a look!

The Winston Boxer


Who goes into my Boxers i will never questioned, just as long as they are comfortable, as zic & cha cha’s s logan “boxers for couples. comfortable on or off ;)”
Boxers for couples doesnt necessarily mean only for men and women, it means these boxers are meant for any couple, whether men and men, women and women, or dogs and cats…
that is why they are shaped differently, and of course they are interchangable…

Zic & cha cha boxers are unique in every way because of the use of patterns,  and natural products, such as the  bamboo boxers, which are made from 100% bamboo… how organic is that!…

A few of my favorites are the sushi boxer, and the love love boxers… I just think they are the cutest!
oh of course I love the Winston boxers… i so very much adore them!

So hurry up everyone and go order TONs of boxers before Valentine’s day…

If you don’t see partner wearing zic & cha cha in bed, buy them some!




  1. #1 by nasser on February 8, 2009 - 12:45 am


    • #2 by winstontorr on February 8, 2009 - 4:07 am

      hell0 back Nasser… hope you are having a great weekend! hope you write more than a “hi” next time…:)

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